While deciding which carrom boards you would like to purchase please first decide about the class of carrom boards you would like to have and for the same you have following choices

  1. Whether you would like to have plane coloured playing surface carrom board i.e. CHROMA or

  2. You would like to have Special Selected Natural Ply as playing surface carrom board i.e A-ONEor

  3. You would like to have Original Birch English Ply as Playing Surface carrom board i.e.‘ELEGANT or

  4. A very special extraordinary great looking ROSY Frame carrom board or

  5. Economical Birch English Ply as Playing Surface i.e. ‘EKKON or

  6. You would prefer Eye Cooling Coloured Carrom board i.e. EXCLUSIVE or

  7. You would prefer Carrom board with added advantages i.e. DELUXE range of carrom board.

  8. If you are not willing to pay high price initially and still want know and enjoy carrom game then you can go for our POPULAR range of carrom board

POPULAR are our cheaper range of carrom boards
CHROMA”, “A-ONE”, “EKKON are economical range of quality carrom boards
ELEGANT”, “ROSY” “EXCLUSIVE” & “DELUXE class are best quality carrom boards for true lover of “CARROM” game. In the same model each class are reflecting it’s own advantage with their added superiority    

After deciding Class of Models then decide about the MODELS OF CARROM BOARD which is greatly affected by the fact who are the actual user of the carrom board for example:

  1. If the player of the carrom boards who will going to play these carrom board are below the age of 6 then prefer SUPERB model of carrom board or

  2. If it’s age are above 6 and below 12 then prefer MONITOR model of carrom board or

  3. For player above 12 years and are beginner to learn this game then prefer EXCEL or AMATEUR models of carrom board &

  4. If he loves the game very much and want to become tournament player then prefer CHAMPION or BULLDOG model of carrom board. For office/ factory/ society/ family we recommends ‘CHAMPION’ or ‘BULLDOG’ model of carrom board.

  5. For Club people, Hotels, Restaurant, Game House etc are generally prefer BULLDOG or JUMBO models of carrom boards because of their daily use and are big in size to get attraction of more and more people to play the game.

  6. For people who can not afford higher price then they prefer our POPULAR range of  Carrom Boards

Then also decide about the Board thickness of playing surface i.e. 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm etc. For Superb, Monitor & Excel Model 6mm playing surface, Amateur Model 8mm Playing Surface, Champion Model 12mm/16mm playing surface, Bulldog Model 16mm/ 20mm/24mm playing surface & for Jumbo model 20mm /24mm or 28mm playing surface are preferable. These are the some of the basic tips for selecting carrom boards. However actual decision can be made by your own taste, likes & habits to play the game.

Our carrom boards for export or as per the requirement of customer/buyer can also be available with one set of suitable carrommen with one pc. of carrom striker, 200 gms. of Carrom Powder with Carrom Law Book and carrom stand etc.

We export carrom boards in LCL (Less than Container) as well as FCL (Full Container Load) order. FCL means about 400 pcs. to 600 pcs. of same or assorted size of carrom board while LCL means for quantity as low as 10 pcs. of same or assorted size carrom boards order.

In LCL we supply each carrom board set (i.e. with one set of carrommen and 1 pc. of striker with 200gms. of carrom powder and carrom law book) to safeguard against Transit damage we packed each carrom board in 7 Ply Corrugated Box with Thermocole of 29” x 29” size in 22mm thickness use to cover full playing area. The same thermocole has cuts so as to accommodate carrommen, carrom striker, carrom powder and carrom law book inside the same carton on playing surface of carrom board. We also use 4 Nos. thermocole of length equal to frame length and in 22mm thickness for an outer side of four sides of carrom frame. The same corrugated box is packed in plastic guni packing. The same packet is then again packed in wooden crate to safeguard against weather and transport damage. We also give special attention to packing as we believe that our job can not be completed unless and until you receive our quality carrom board at your place in intact position. We also take care for packing of both FCL and LCL order. As per feedback received from our customers we are also successful in carrom board packing.   

We are selling carrom boards throughout India by our dealers channel in different cities. For Indian citizens you can purchase our carrom board directly from our dealer in your city. You are requested kindly CONTACT US or
E-mail us to know about our dealers network & it’s address in your area.

For foreign individual/ NRI buyers please note that our carrom boards are easily available at economical price in your country also. For more information about our distributor in your country, please contact us. We will be pleased to furnish you more information as require by you and our distributor in your country will also directly get in touch with you for your requirement. Please CONTACT US or E-mail us for further details.

In certain countries/areas where our distributors are not available at present we can supply individual carrom board directly with door delivery at your home address at very special attractive price. Please CONTACT US or E-mail us for further details.

In the event, you are interested in marketing our carrom boards or if you have any further question or if you require any further information about our product, it’s packing, shipment, price list of the carrom boards and accessories please do not hesitate to CONTACT US or E-mail us we will be pleased to provide you further information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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