Two, three or four people can play carrom game which involves ‘flicking’ a ‘striker’ in an effort to propel the coins in the corner pockets.

Carrom board game does not require any preparation. Carrom board can be placed in 180’ on a carrom stand or on a ground or on a table etc so that it will not vibrate or move i.e. fixed. For a good fast game, rub carrom powder (boric acid or potato starch) on your board before playing.

A game of Singles, can straightway start with two players, sitting opposite to each other. While in doubles, four person comprising two teams, sit opposite to each other, occupying all the four sides of carrom boards.

Carrom game starts with nine white counters (known as men or pieces), nine black, one red (the Queen) and a bigger and heavier ‘striker’. The carrommen should be arranged in a flat position, with the Queen occupying centre circle and the rest of carrommen so placed around the Queen in first row keeping the white and black carrommen alternately. In the second row three white carrommen will form the shape ‘Y’ with the white carrommen alternately. All the carrommen, so placed as above shall be arranged in compact round touching one another, within the outer circle. The spin of coins (toss) decides who will first start the game.

The carrom striker should be placed touching both lines of the base line of the board parallel to the frame with limit up to red circle design at end of the base line only and shall be struck with the help of finger with or without the support of other fingers and is called as stroke. The carrom striker must be flicked, usually using the index finger, middle finger or thumb. Moving the hand is not allowed so the carrom striker must not be pushed. With the help of striker carrommen should be diverted or guided in such a way that carrommen should drop/pocketed in any of four corner pockets in the carrom board. The opener shall have white carrommen to be pocketed while his opponent has the Black carrommen to be pocketed before your opponent. Pocketing of queen will only be allowed if player pockets his carrommen on the same or immediate subsequent stroke, when or after the queen is pocketed. If player pockets queen and are fail to pocket his carrommen in the same or immediate subsequent stroke the queen which has been pocketed by the player will again place on the centre of the circle and he miss his turn also. 

As long as a player pockets his own carrommen and or queen in accordance with the laws, his turn shall continue otherwise it shall pass on to the opponent. In doubles the turn passes on to the player sitting to the right hand side of the player who had his turn. Play moves on if you miss or commit a penalty.

Penalties can be for sinking another player’s counter, pocketing the striker or if a striker or if a counter bounces off the board. If you commit a penalty then one of your previously pocketed men will be returned to the board inside the centre circle.

The player who completes pocketing all his carrommen first wins the board in the same way this game can finish shortly. However as per laws value/ points are given 3 points for Queen up to and including 21 points and 1 point for carrommen. The balance number of carrommen of the opponent on the carrom board at the time of finish of the game shall be the points gained by the winner of the board. The player will only entitle to be credited with the value of the queen only if he wins the board. The player who losses the board is not credited with the value of the queen, even if he has pocketed and covered the queen. The player loses the advantage of getting the credit of an additional 3 points for covering the Queen, once he has reached the score of 22 points. A Game shall be of 25 points or eight boards. The player who reaches 25 points first or leads at the conclusion of the eighth board shall be the winner of the game.  

For beginner or for children the carrom game can also be simplified. In simplified game players are given liberty to pocket any carrommen i.e. white or black. In the same game 10 points are given for pocketing black carrommen and 20 points for pocketing white carrommen and 50 points for pocketing Queen. The playing rules and turns of play remain same as above. Carrommen pocketed by the player shall be given to the player for counting at the end of the game. The game should be ended at the time when there is no carrommen on the board which can be pocketed. Balance carrommen with the player at the end of the game should be counted as per the above points. The player/team that has maximum points at the end is/are the winner of the game. The game can also be extended by maximizing limit of the points i.e. a player who reaches 500 points or 1000 points first will be the winner of the game.

By the same way too much fun/excitement can be added for children and beginner for the carrom game as the same game can be played very easily, as player has no restriction of pocketing carrommen. The player can pocket any either black or white or Queen carrommen as per their desire and judgments depending upon its position on the board. By the same way people can start and learn the carrom game and when they become habitual and their stroke and judgments once improved then they can play carrom board as per the above rule.

These are the basic information about how to play carrom game. There is International Carrom Federation who governs this game in many countries which organizes and controls carrom world championship tournaments in many countries. They have created Carrom Rules / Law  Book for uniform playing of carrom board game in International level. Please click here carrom rule book for complete laws about how to play carrom game. 

As you play more and more carrom board game you enjoy more and more then at time you become master in this game and are being able to pocket carrommen almost from any point of carrom playing surface without giving second chance to your opponents and the same is called in carrom game as ‘Break to Finish’. Try and experience the game and soon you will also believe with our words as carrom game is best indoor sports board game for the entire family.