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From last more than 25 years we are exclusively concentrated on manufacturing of quality carrom boards only without any diversification. This leads us in better understanding of carrom game with use of most latest and advanced technology and machinery for manufacture of carrom board. We are manufacturing carrom boards in vide ranges and in different sizes to meet different requirements of the customers. We have a carrom board for a beginner to the masters in the game of carrom. Play on our Carrom Boards and feel the difference!

We always emphasis on continuous improvement and development for the Game of Carrom board and with the same we have introduced for the first time in the History of Carrom Game following unique carrom boards:-

  1. Eye Cooling Blue Coloured EXCLUSIVE Carrom boards and are firstly used in Third World Carrom Championship at New Delhi in the year 2000

  2. Prestige looking Rosy Veneered Frame ROSY instead of Black Coloured Frame and are firstly used in Fourth World Carrom Championship at Colombo in Sri Lanka in the year 2004 

  3. Superior Quality DELUXERange of carrom boards with additional of four new items in the existing carrom boards i.e. silver colour corner piece, plastic carrom net, carrom on wheel and bubble bag packing and are firstly used in the 35th Senior National and Interstate Carrom Championship in Mumbai in the year 2005.

We are manufacturing wide range of carrom boards to meet different requirements of various customers in different markets with strict quality control. We can also manufacture carrom boards as per the requirement of buyer.

We are selling carrom boards throughout India by our dealers channel in different cities. For Indian buyer you can purchase our carrom board directly from our dealer in your city. You are requested kindly CONTACT US or E-mail us for further details about our dealers network & it’s address in your area.

We are exporting our superior quality carrom boards to USA, U.K., Germany, France, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Korea, Australia, U.A.E. etc. We export carrom boards in FCL (Full Container Load) as well as LCL (Less than Container Load) order.

For foreign individual/ NRI carrom buyer, please note that our carrom boards are easily available at economical price in your country also. For more information about our distributor in your country, please CONTACT US. We shall be pleased to furnish you more information as require by you and our distributor in your country will also directly get in touch with you for your requirement.  Please CONTACT US or E-mail us for further details.

We are also manufacturing "NEXT GENERATIONS ADVANCED TABLE TENNIS TABLES" with many unique attractive features so as to improve Performance, Appearance, Life & Handling of Table Tennis Tables which are not been provided by traditional table tennis manufactures. Our Table Tennis Tables are also approved by Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) and are also used in many tournments. Read More..

In the event, you are interested in marketing our Carrom Boards and Table Tennis Tables; please do write/contact to us. We shall be glad to furnish you with further information, if require. We look forward to hearing from you.

OUR HISTORY : We are pleased to inform you that today we are the top most superior quality carrom board manufacturing company in India. Our company was established in 1961. Previously we were manufacturing wooden T.V. and Radio Cabinets the same was supplied by us to known branded quality product companies like Philipes, Murphy, Sony, Orson. We are fulfilling their complex design models and also achieving their quality requirement standard with timely deliveries so we are born quality conscious people. Today the same wooden cabinets are mostly replaced by plastic moldings.

We have started manufacturing carrom boards in the year 1986 and within short period of time we have earn very good name in the market as a Superior Quality Indian Carrom board manufacturer. From our more than 45 years experience in wood working & wood finishes we became experts in wood and plywood as well as wood finishes which help us to make a better unique carrom board in carrom history by introducing for first time the Superfast Carrom Frame ‘STROKE MASTER’ which gives multiple bounces to the carrom striker which adds more excitement to the game of Carrom.

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QUALITY CERTIFICATES : In 1995 our carrom boards are Approved by All India Carrom Federation, New Delhi and in 1997 our carrom boards are also approved by International Carrom Federation, London for playing in carrom tournaments. Today in almost all major carrom tournaments for example Carrom World Championship, SAARC Carrom Tournament, All India Senior National, All India Junior National, State Ranking etc mostly our carrom boards are selected for use in the same tournaments.

Our carrom boards are being approved by ‘International Carrom Federation’ and ‘ All India Carrom Federation’ and are selected for used in many senior level national as well as international carrom tournaments in India as well as abroad. Recently it was used in Fourth Carrom World Cup 2014 at Male, Rep. of Maldives in which seventeen countries namely Maldives, India, Sri Lanka, U.K., France, Swizerland, Germany, Itlay, Netherlands, Poland, Japan, U.A.E., South Korea, Czech, Malaysia, Bangaladesh, Nepal, Canada, Qatar, Swaden and Pakistan are participated. We have earned good name in International market also and are presently exporting carrom boards to more than 21 countries in the world like USA, U.K., Germany, France, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Korea, Japan, Bangaladesh, Australia, U.A.E., Malaysia, Qatar, Sweitzerland, Baharain etc.

Our Carrom boards are also used in

  1. Seventeenth Euro Carrom Championship 2013 at Poland
  2. Sixth wrold Carrom Championship 2012 at Sri Lanka
  3. Sixteenth SARRC Countries Carrom Championship 2012 at Bangaladesh
  4. Fourth Asian Championship 2011 at Maldives
  5. Fifteenth SARRC Countries Carrom Championship 2011 at Maldives
  6. Third and Fourth World Carrom Championship
  7. Thirty Eighth Senior National and Inter-State Carrom Championship
  8. Thiry Nineth Junior National and Inter-State Carrom Championship etc

Precise carrom boards are also selected for display in Athens Olympic Game in the year 2004 by International Carrom Federation. Our carrom boards was displayed in the same Olympic to the various organization and selection committee member and player of the Olympic game countries for efforts to introduce Carrom Game in Olympic game alongwith other games. International Carrom Federation has also acknowledged us for sending good tournament standard carrom boards for Athens Olympic. Now there are brilliant chances that our loved game “Carrom” will be soon get it’s recognition as it deserves and will be soon part of Olympic game also.  

Now there are brilliant chances that our loved game “Carrom” will be soon get it’s recognition as it deserves and will be soon part of Olympic game also.  

We are manufacturing carrom boards to meet various requirements of customer. We focus on quality and aim to achieve total customer satisfaction as a result we are continuously rising on the growth chart and setting very high quality standards in carrom board manufacturing. Kindly Contact Us for more details

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